Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Learn Chinese

Ai No Pei (I No Pay) I got this for free
Dum Gai (Dumb Guy) Stupid Man
Gun Pao Der (Gun Powder) An Ancient Chinese invention
Hai Dei Kum (Hi, They Come!) They have arrived
Hao Long Wei Ting? (How Long Waiting) Has your flight been delayed?
Kum Hia Nao (Come Here Now) See me A.S.A.P
Lao Zi (Lazy) Not very good
Moon Lan Ding (Moon Landing) A great achievement of the NASA program
No Pah King (No Parking) This is a tow away zone
Shai Gai (Shy Guy) A bashful person
Tai Ni Po Ni (Tiny Pony) Small Horse
Wa Shing Ka (Why Sing Car) He's cleaning his automobile
Wai Go Nao? (Why Go Now) Please, stay a while longer
Wai Hang Mi? (Why Hang Me) I am not guilty
Wai So Dim? (Why So Dim) It's very dark in here
Wai U Shao Ting (Why You Shouting) There is no reason to raise your voice
Wai Yu Sing Dum Song(Why u Sing Dumb Song) Do u know the words to the Macarena?
Wai Yu So Tan? (Why You So Tent) Did you go to the beach?
Yu So Dum (You So Dumb) You are not very bright
Tai Koo Ching (Tahi Kucing) Smelly shit of a cat
Tong Sam Pah (Tong Sampah) A container to put rubbish in.
Hang Gee La (Hang Gila!) you are Mad!!!
Mah Nya Chan Teik ! (Banyak Cantik!) Dont be presumptious
Chee La Kah Loo (Celaka Lu) I am upset
Mah Nya Cha Kap (Banyak Cakap!) Big mouth
Ta Ble Ku Lang (Tak Boleh Kurang) Price is fix.
Goh Bek Tu Wok (Go Back To Work) Stop sending replies to the joke