Sunday, September 24, 2006

Singapore-Johore Bridge

When the construction of the 2nd Link Bridge from Johore to S'pore was about to complete, Mahadir and Lee Kuan Yew invited Gus Dur to fish on the new bridge. After some time, all of them did not catch a single fish. So, suspecting something 'fishy', the three leaders asked the divers from their own Navy to check why the fish were not biting. After diving and checking underwater for few hours, then the Chief diver from Indonesia told Gus Dur: ' All the fish know it was you. They thought that you're asleep and not interested in fishing' Next the Chief diver from Malaysia told Mahadir: "All the fish know it was you, So they went for hunger strike" Lastly, the Chief diver from Singapore told Lee Kuan Yew: 'All the fish know it was you. So they are afraid to open up their mouth"