Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bangla Joke

One day, there is an American, one Italian, a Malaysian and a Bangladeshi travel around on a private helicopter. After about one hour travelling, the American take out his cigarette ( Dunhill ) lighted it up and start smoking after two sip, he throw the balance of the cigarette. The others three persons surprise and ask " Why didn't you finish-up the cigarette before throwing ? " He reply arrogantly " there is a lot of cigarette in my country". Half an hour later the Italian take a bottle of branded perfume and apply on him and the rest he throw out of the window. The other three persons was surprised and ask " Why did you throw away the perfume ? ". The Italian reply also "there is alot of perfume in my country" . The Malaysian don't know what to do suddenly push that Bangladeshi out of the helicopter. The other two person was shouted crazyly " Why did you push him !!!!!!!?????? " . The Malaysian say slowly "There is a lot of Bangladeshi in my country ". Everybody keep quite and stay away from the Malaysian.